Q: Will a Handyman Cost More Because of COVID-19?

A: No, our Handyman prices will not increase during Coronavirus lockdown.

Q: Is the Call Out Charge More during COVID-19?

A: Again no, our Handyman should not charge extra for a call-out during the coronavirus lockdown.

Q: What Hours are Handyman working during the Coronavirus Lockdown?

A: None of our Handyman hours have been affected by the lockdown, we are still operating the same service.

Q: Are Handyman Working During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

A: Yes, our Handymen are currently working during the lockdown as current government guidelines indicate tradespeople can continue work, unless required to self isolate.

Q: I am self-isolating at home can a Handyman still help?

A: Yes, our Handyman will be able to help if you are self-isolating at home although we do recommend the following:

Tell the Handyman the type of work you require completing
It is vital to tell the Handyman you are self-isolating
The Handyman will ensure actions can be put in place before the visit

Q: Will a Handyman keep Social Distancing In Place?

A: Yes, our Handyman will ensure that social distancing measures are kept at all times and will work with hand sanitizer/gels, gloves and masks for prevention. The Handyman can complete their work on his own ensuring yourself and the Handyman are kept safe.


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